What is Affiliate Marketing, Scam, Or Legit [Infographic]

Today in this post, I am here with you with some answers on affiliate marketing that every beginner wanted to know while taking the first step towards it. There are many questions that we are going to answer via below infographic including: What is Affiliate Marketing? How does it work? How to join an affiliate program? How to make the most of it? and most important, where to get a start?

There are many,  who claim Affiliate Marketing is a scam. Fortunately, it is not a scam, but a lucrative income source. One can make thousands of $ with affiliate marketing if doing properly.

Let’s have a thorough visit to this beautiful infographic on affiliate marketing.


Courtesy: Visualistan.com

Over to you!

This is a digital blueprint to let you introduce affiliate marketing and its basic functionalities. In our next post on Affiliate Marketing, I will be sharing a detailed guide to walk you through from the first step to the final and will help you understand which affiliate program would work best for you and which affiliate network pays the most.

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