Top 5 Amazing Web Hosting Companies to Supercharge Your Website

For an online business, the second most important thing after a domain name is a web hosting service. A good web host can take your website to the top in terms of uptime and loading speed whereas, cheap hosting providers can take you down and your business. In fact, a fast-loading website can help you get better rank in search engine results in pages by reducing the bounce rate. As there are many web hosting companies gunning for customers, one should take special care while opting for a web hosting company. Here in this post, I am going to share the top 5 web hosting companies that are leading the market for decades and have been trusted by millions of webmasters and website owners.

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  1. Siteground

Powering more than 500000 websites throughout the globe, SiteGround is the #1 web hosting company in the world. The best thing about SiteGround is its customer support. You will not have to wait in a queue to get any kind of support from them. In my personal experience, I got connected to the support team within a minute every time. Whether it is a pre-purchase inquiry or post-purchase they respond in the same way with quick help and an outstanding knowledge base (KB).

The only point where SiteGround is lacking is the Pricing. It is costly compared to other hosting providers. But one can assure a powerful server and outstanding support from them.

They are offering shared, dedicated, cloud, and managed WordPress hosting with flexible plans and packages for every level of business. Refer to below for more details.

Different Hosting Plans that suit your needs.

Thrilling features

Outstanding Customer Support

Industry leaders like Syed Balkhi Trust SiteGround Hosting services!

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2. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting companies in the world powering more than 2 million websites worldwide. They offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, and more.  Apart from the exciting features Bluehost also provides outstanding customer support by email chat and telephone 24*7.

Check out the latest deals and discounts for shared, dedicated and VPS hosting at Bluehost

3. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is the #1 cloud hosting service provider. It is affordable ($5 for a month), it is fast, reliable, and the best part is their support. Their customer support team is very attentive. You can expect a reply within a minute. Anytime, every time!

The best part of their service is you can upgrade or downgrade any time, immediately. Event bloggers who expect huge traffic on special days can upgrade for that particular date and after the event has passed you can again downgrade it. You just have to pay for that time frame. Isn’t it a great deal? Check it out right now!

4. Cloudways


The only issue with Digital Ocean is the development interface. For newbies and non-technical, it is a tough job to set up the server there. CloudWays comes in handy here. It has a solution for you to set up the server there. Everything will be handled by the CloudWays team.

The best thing about CloudWays is; they are offering a free trial for 15 days without any obligation. You can singup for any plan with the free trial. CloudWays is charging what exactly digital ocean is but they are offering a user-friendly interface that will make your hosting setup very easy.

I would especially recommend CloudWays for newbies bloggers and small businesses that cannot afford costly web hosts but want superior service.

Moreover, CloudWay’s customer service is more than outstanding. I personally have a great experience with CloudWays and I believe you will be delighted too. Check out CloudWays outstanding services.

5. Hostgator

During my one-year experience with HostGator, I found no hassles. Moreover, Hostgator is very reasonable in price and it offers heavy discounts for first-time customers. Apart from the pricing I found them attentive for my issues. I got replies every time I face a technical issue.

However, the prices of Hostgator India and Hostgator US are slightly different. Hostgator India is cheaper than US prices. Check out the latest deals and discounts on Hostgator.

Wrapping it Up!

Choosing the right hosting company is not an easy job and there is a lot of confusion while you are selecting the best and most affordable plan for your site. As there is a hell of hosting providers out there, it is becoming a tough decision to opt for the best one. I would recommend going with a hosting company that you can continue for a long time at least for a year, because, there are lots of hurdles to switching hosting companies. Also, it affects the search engine ranking of your website. I hope the above list will help you select the best plan for your online venture. As I said all the discussed hosting providers are worthy to opt for and you can go for any of them according to your requirements and budget.

Feel free to share your insights with me in comments.  Do let me know how helpful this post was to select the best hosting plan for you. If you like this post, share it with friends and like-minded fellows.

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