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Market situation: double-digit growth of Pepe and Floki, stop of Bitcoin near 30,000 dollars 2023


Bitcoin started a new uptrend yesterday, hitting a high of $29,851 this morning, but ultimately failed to break above $30,000. Ethereum has followed a similar trend during this period, hitting a high of $2,020 this morning.

According to CryptoPotito, the month of May (May) for Bitcoin started with falling to the bottom of $27,650, and of course, buyers quickly managed to bring the price back above $28,000. The recent increase of 0.25 percentage points in the bank interest rate in the United States, which could be the last move by the central bank to increase this key rate, could not have a quick impact on the price of Bitcoin, and by the way, after this session, Bitcoin managed to recover the level of $29,000. became.

However, Bitcoin has not managed to cross $30,000 and is trading at a distance of $600 from this level.

Hourly Bitcoin price chart.

The overall market atmosphere over the past few days, however, was completely influenced by the growth of a new meme coin called PEPE. This token, which started working in mid-April, obviously has no special use like most meme coins. From the point of view of many users, the digital currency market is known for the sudden jumps of these tokens.

Pepe’s continuous jumps caused this meme coin to reach the top 100 currencies and then the top 50 currencies in terms of market value in a few days. Pepe’s latest leap was due to the fact that the Binance exchange announced that it would add this meme coin to its trading list; Of course, in the “Innovation Zone” section, which is dedicated to risky assets of this platform.

Floki, another well-known meme coin in the market, has also experienced a 35% growth in the last 24 hours. It should be mentioned that Floki is currently among the top 100 currencies in terms of market value.


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