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The possibility of Bitcoin price dropping to $29,000 with the continuation of regulatory and economic problems 2023

[ad_1] A review of various market data suggests that the price of Bitcoin could fall below $29,000 in the short term due to regulatory concerns in the United States and macroeconomic problems in the world. According to Cointelegraph, the price of Bitcoin reached above $31,800 on July 13 (July 22), but the existence of problems […]

From now on, store the private keys of your Bitcoin wallet as colors 2023

[ad_1] Forget about memorizing your 12-word recovery phrase or private key to your Bitcoin wallet. A new backup tool allows you to restore your wallet if you lose it with a combination of colors. According to DeCrypt, a Bitcoin developer named Entero Positivo introduced the “BIP39Colors” standard last month. An open source tool that can […]

3 important drivers that will determine the direction of the digital market in the coming days 2023

[ad_1] On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the statistics related to three key indicators, including the consumer price index, producer price index and unemployment insurance claims will be announced in the United States, each of which can have a significant impact on determining the direction of the digital currency market for the coming days. […]

New Research: All those who bought Bitcoin daily with the DCA strategy are in profit 2023

[ad_1] The results of a new study show that the investment of all the people who have bought a fixed amount of bitcoins daily and continuously over the past years is now officially profitable. According to DeCrypt, a Bitcoin investor named Wicked (@w_s_bitcoin) shared a chart on Twitter on Monday showing the weighted average cost […]

Bullish sign: the simultaneous decrease in the inflow and balance of Bitcoin exchanges 2023

[ad_1] The number of addresses depositing Bitcoin to exchanges and the supply available to trading platforms have been simultaneously decreasing over the past year. This trend can be considered a bullish sign for the Bitcoin market in the long term. One of the active analysts in the CryptoQuant platform, named Papi, recently mentioned in a […]

How will rising US Treasury yields affect the price of Bitcoin? 2023

[ad_1] The recent growth in demand for US Treasuries reflects investors’ expectations of a prolonged downward trend in inflation. An event that coincides with the yield of these bonds reaching their highest level in the last 3 months can lead to the elimination of the inverse correlation between the price of Bitcoin and these assets. […]

Bitcoin jumps above 29,000 dollars; What was the cause? 2023

[ad_1] Bitcoin jumps above 29,000 dollars; What was the cause? – Digital currency Bitcoin news The 12% growth of Bitcoin price in the past few days and the jump to above 29,000 dollars, in the situation that the recent actions of the Securities and Exchange Commission have had a negative impact on the altcoins market, […]

Market Status: When Should We Worry About Bitcoin Falling? 2023

[ad_1] Market Status: When Should We Worry About Bitcoin Falling? – Digital currency Bitcoin news While last week’s halt in US interest rate hikes was a positive for Bitcoin, some analysts believe that a price crash is inevitable before the next uptrend begins. According to CoinDesk, the Asian trading week begins with the price of […]

Experts’ opinion: Bitcoin halving will make it difficult for most miners to continue their activity 2023

[ad_1] According to a group of experts, miners with access to the most efficient mining equipment and cheap energy will probably be the only group that will be able to continue halving Bitcoin next year. According to CoinDesk, the Bitcoin mining hash rate, a measure of computing power on the network, is likely to drop […]

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